The Fourth UJN International Cultural Exchange Festival Began

In the afternoon on April 16, the Fourth UJN International Cultural Exchange Festival began with Dynamic Youth soccer match played in the soccer field in southern dormitory area of UJN. Wang Baoxian, vice president of UJN, attended the opening ceremony along with staff from Publicity Department of the Party Committee, Office of Student Affairs, Youth League Committee and School of International Education and Exchange.

On the opening ceremony, Han Jingxuan, secretary of the Party Committee of School of International Education and Exchange, introduced 7 major parts of activities to be held during the Fourth UJN International Cultural Exchange Festival. Meanwhile, he hoped that school staff team and international students team could bond and interact through soccer game. Vice President Wang Baoxian extended warm welcome to the students and teachers attending the opening ceremony, and he encouraged all attendees to keep exercising and improve physical conditions, then he announced the beginning of the festival. Dynamic Youth soccer match then started with the first kick by Vice President Wang Baoxian.

UJN International Cultural Exchange Festival, which is held every two years, is hosted by Youth League Committee of UJN and organized by School of International Education and Exchange of UJN. In previous years, activities including Global Ethnic Custom Exhibition, Discussion Salon on Differences between Countries, Beijing Opera Show, and International Delicious Food Festival, were held, receiving good comments from within the school and beyond and spreading the influence of the festival. The International Cultural Exchange Festival, relying on international students, aims to cultivate special campus culture, improve international education quality and further broaden the scope of international education and exchange, playing a more and more important role in educating with culture and promoting cultural exchange between China and other countries.