Our Teachers and Students from School of Music Invited to Participate in 2019 Flowers in May National Arts Festival

At 7 in the morning on April 17, an expedition ceremony for our teachers and students in Dancing Department of School of Music, was held in Shenghua Square. They were setting off to Beijing to participate in 2019 Flowers in May National Arts Festival for students in middle schools, high schools and colleges. Zhang Shuoqiu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of University of Jinan, along with staff in Publicity Department of the Party committee and supervisors of School of Music, attended the ceremony to offer their encouragements to all the festival participants.

On the ceremony, Deputy Secretary Zhang, as the representative of UJN, sent the warmest congratulations to all the teachers and students participating in the festival. Also, she spoke highly of their long-term hard-working spirit and the honors they had won for our university. “With the 100th anniversary for the May 4th Movement at the corner, your participating in Flowers in May National Arts Festival in Beijing, is precisely carrying on the spirit of May 4th Movement and carrying it forward. I hope all of you can strengthen your sense of organization and obey organizational management; I hope you can make the most of this opportunity, continue to show your hard-working spirit, keep an active mental status, and give your best performance,” said Deputy Secretary Zhang Shuoqiu. “And everyone of you should keep healthy and keep safe, making sure that you can complete this performance and live up to the expectations and care from our supervisors, teachers and students.” Zheng Zhong, dean of School of Music, then made before-setting-off arrangements. She asked students to follow instructions of teachers and directors, give active mental status and exquisite artistic performance and show our dynamic appearance, so as to win our university honor and make our contribution to the 70th birthday of our country.

Flowers in May National Arts Festival for students in middle schools, high schools and colleges is sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Education of the PRC and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and is organized and hosted by CCTV. It is an crucial carrier for colleges and universities all around China to cultivate campus culture and promote quality education, and is also a platform for college students to show their positive image and hard-working spirit. For 5 years on end, we received the invitation from CCTV to participate in the festival. And it is also another CCTV stage that we go on after taking part in some influential CCTV programs in the previous years including CCTV Spring Festival Gala.