Celebration of 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up & UJN’s 17th Mandarin Contest Wrapped up

On the evening of Dec. 16, the final of the 17th Mandarin Contest, hosted by the UJN Publicity Department of Party Committee, organized by UJN Broadcasting Station, was held in the auditorium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. The judges of the contest were the host of Shandong TV Station, the instructor of Shandong Jianzhu University Broadcasting Station, the national mandarin tester and the provincial mandarin tester.

After preliminaries, rematches and trainings, a total of 10 player teams came to the final which began with a dance by the Art Troupe of the University of Jinan. The teams recited in turn their own works, some being magnificent poems, some being sentimental prose, and some being hymns to youth. They also took great pains with their costumes, some being in antique style, elegant and beautiful, and some being in the style of the past Republic of China (1912-1949), vibrant and vigorous. On the stage, they won several big rounds of applause for their impressive performance. The contest climaxed with the melodies of Goodwill of Breaking-up by Liang Shuang and Wu Hao, two of the UJN Top 10 Singers, and Song of Reciters by UJN’s all broadcasting station announcers.

The contest results are as follows:

The first prize winners are:

Zhang Wenya, from Business School, whose entry is Farewell My Concubine;

Ma Haojia, from School of Political Science and Law, and Wang Wenjia, from School of Water Conservancy and Environment, whose entry is the Old Man and the Sea;

Fu Kaiyuan, from School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, whose entry is the Sword of King of Western Chu.

The second prize winners are:

Yin Yongyue, Tang Wei and Zhang Bo, from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Zhang Yaqi, from School of Political Science and Law, whose entry is We Seem Rich in Those Years;

Qin Yinghan and Wang Huning, from Business School, and Li Yingtian, from Culinary Institute, whose entry is Wet Nurse;

Shi Jie, from School of Political Science and Law, whose entry is My Dad.

The third prize winners are:

Yu Mengyao and Liu Bin, from School of Physics and Technology, whose entry is Commemorate the Movement of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression of Dec. 9, 1935;

Xu Zhuoying, from School of Chinese Language and Literature, and Ze Zonglin, from School of Continuing Education, whose entry is Dialogue Between the Sun and the Moon;

Wang Xueying, from School of Chinese Language and Literature, and He Shitong, from School of Music, whose entry is the Dandelion is Blooming;

Wang Chang and Zou Yi, from Business School, whose entry is Soulmate.

      The UJN Mandarin Contest has been successfully held for seventeen times. Under the concept of “Sound Making the World Wonderful”, the UJN Broadcasting Station has come a long way in promoting Mandarin, adapting to the development of new media, and creating quality sound works.