Prof. Wu Wei from Conservatory of Music of Our School Held a Soloist Solo Concert

On May 26th, the solo concert of Prof. Wu Wei, the director of the vocal music department of the Conservatory of Music, was performed at the provincial capital of Shandong Province. Five years later, Prof. Wu Rong held another solo concert at the Shandong Provincial Capital Theatre, which brought a wonderful audio-visual feast to the audience. The show invited one of the three major tenors in China, the artistic director of the Shanghai Opera House, Wei Song, Dean of the School of Music of Shanghai Normal University, Dr. Lian Fa professional vocal music, Li Yin, a young female mezzo-soprano singer, and world-class conductor, China The National Symphony Orchestra's chief guest conductor Shao En performed together.

Prof. Wu Xi used the solo songs such as “Yellow River Disgrace”, “Accidental Sound”, “My Tiger Brother” and other expressions to express his deep affection for his hometown and to repay the love and support of his hometown people. In cooperation with Prof. Wei Song and Dr. Li Ying, the songs “Drinking Song” and “Flower of Songs” were exquisitely deduced, and the powerful lineup collided with wonderful sparks and won applause from the scene.