National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance -- the Peony Garden in the UJN

Apr,21 2017  from:News Center

Locating near the time tunnel in the east of the eleventh teaching building, with a total area of 3 acre, the Peony Garden in the UJN is the science and technology research base of the biological school. There are a total of ten series of vegetation in the Peony Garden, namely: Kunshan luminous, Heihuakui, Shouanhong, the sun, and Chinese herbaceous peony and other varieties.


As the unique woody precious flowers in our country, the peony has a cultivation history of  more than 1,400 years, which can be originated from the Sui and Tang dynasties and popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They are so elegant, bright and impressive, soft and charming that they are often known as their reputation of "the national color incense" and "the flower king", and have symbolized the wealth and prosperity for a long time. At present, part of the peony in the garden in our school are blooming, forming a pleasant scenery.



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