Professors from Peking University and Shenzhen University Lecture at UJN

At the invitation of School of Education and Psychology of University of Jinan (UJN), Professor Zhou Xiaolin, member of School Administration Committee and director of Center for Brain Science and Cognitive Science, Peking University and Professor Li Hong, dean of College of Psychology and Sociology of Shenzhen University, visited our school and gave academic reports from April 20 to 21. Chen Yuehui, vice president of UJN, met with the two experts, exchanged opinions on the development of psychological discipline of our school and presented the appointment letter of honorary professor of UJN to Professor Li Hong. Relevant staff of School of Education and Psychology attended the event. Chen Gongxiang, associate dean of School of Education and Psychology presided over the reports.

Professor Zhou Xiaolin delivered a report entitled "The Neural Basis of Grateful Emotion and its Enlightenment for Thanksgiving Education." Taking determinants of interpersonal gratitude proposed by social psychology as the forerunner, Prof. Zhou not only presented the discovery of his research team on the neural basis of intention, demand and cost for a person’s processing of grateful emotion through magnetic resonance imaging and interpersonal interaction paradigm, but also put forward some important psychological strategies for children's education on gratitude.

Professor Li Hong made a report entitled "Cognitive Neural Mechanism of Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning". Prof. Li first gave a detailed introduction to his team's series of original explorations in the fields of deductive reasoning and inductive thinking and their achievements with global influence, then talked about how to make a career planning for young people and offered valuable advice for young teachers and students present.