Professor Zhang Jing from Peking University and Professor Jing Yuejin from Tsinghua University Invited to Deliver Reports in UJN

On April 12, at the invitation of School of Political Science and Law of University of Jinan (UJN), professor Zhang Jing, doctoral supervisor, director of Department of Sociology of Peking University and professor Jing Yuejin, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of Department of Political Science of Tsinghua University, delivered an academic report in UJN. Li Guanghong, Vice President, accompanied by relevant staff from Social Science Department and School of Political Science and Law met with the two professors and exchanged views on the work of the school's humanities and social sciences.

Professor Zhang Jing gave an academic report entitled Why the Rules are Uncertain: Cases and Interpretations for teachers and students from School of Political Science. Gao Gongjing, associate dean of School of Political Science and Law presided over the report. Prof. Zhang first analyzed the causes of the formation of social order and social contradictions from perspectives of law and sociology, then introduced a question: “How to convert conflicts into order?” and put forward her own viewpoints and conclusions from the deep analysis of cases.

Professor Jing Yuejin made a report titled Evolution of the Consciousness of Chinese Political Science Issues. Li Huiming, another associate dean of School of Political Science and Law presided over it. In the report, Prof. Jing, from his own research and life experience, presented tremendous achievements in economic, political and other fields in the past 40 years since China's reform and opening up and gave detailed analysis and unique insights on the evolution of the consciousness of political science.

After the report, the two experts answered questions from the teachers, undergraduates and graduate students, and conducted in-depth discussion on the issues with the teachers and students on the scene.

This academic report was the first academic activity of the Academic Activity Month of School of Political Science and Law. It brings new perspectives and methods on teaching and research of related disciplines of sociology and political science, enriching the academic life of teachers and students and expanding their academic vision.