U.S. Northern State Educator Visits Delegation to University of Jinan

From May 10 to May 20, a delegation of 9 U.S. Educators from Northern States State University visited China for an 11-day visit. On May 14, University of Jinan President Zhang Shiqiang and Vice President Wang Baoxian met with the delegation. Responsible persons from the school's International Cooperation and Exchange Department, the School of Music, the School of Education and Psychology, the School of Business, and the Political Science Institute attended the meeting.

President Zhang Shiqiang expressed his welcome to the arrival of the delegation and briefly introduced the basic situation of University of Jinan in personnel training, discipline construction, teaching and scientific research, and international exchanges. President Zhang Shiqiang said that since Northern State University and University of Jinan established friendly relations and jointly established Confucius Institutes in 2014, they have conducted effective and effective exchanges in Chinese teaching, teacher exchanges, student exchanges, and joint international academic conferences. Actual effect. With the support of Hanban, the delegation visited China successfully. It is hoped that the members will better understand China's history, culture and social development through this visit. At the same time, it is hoped that the members will combine their professional expertise and promote more extensive exchanges between Northern State University and related professional fields of University of Jinan so that the two parties will cooperate in a deeper and higher level.

Vice President Wang Baoxian pointed out that the Confucius Institute at Northern State University focuses on promoting Chinese language teaching, satisfies the learning needs of Chinese learners at schools and surrounding communities, and expands the cooperation between the two schools based on this and has played a good role in promoting. It is hoped that the two sides will use the exchanges between teachers and students of the two universities and scientific research cooperation as an opportunity to continue to enhance the understanding and mutual trust of young Chinese and American students.

The head of the delegation, Mr. Gregory Depai, the U.S. president of the Confucius Institute at Northern State University, expressed his sincere gratitude to the arrangement of University of Jinan. He said that with the aid of the Confucius Institute platform, the delegation was very honored to be able to participate in various visits, experience Chinese traditional culture and modern civilization in close quarters, and communicate with the education staff of the University of Jinan in the professional field and communicate with students. . It is expected that through this visit, teachers and students in the two universities will be able to carry out more exchanges.

Subsequently, the delegation members introduced their institutes and majors respectively, and combined with the actual situation of the profession, they put forward cooperation intentions.

After the meeting, members of the delegation held talks with representatives of teachers and students of the Faculty of Business, Politics and Law, School of Education and Psychological Science, and Conservatory of Music. They conducted communication and docking on both subject construction and personnel training, and held The University of Jinan University-Northern State University student exchange project briefing.

The North China State University Educator's visit to China is one of the annual exchange programs of the Confucius Institute. During the visit to China, the delegation will go to the Hanban in Beijing, the local secondary schools in Jinan, and the Pioneering Park to conduct field observations and exchanges.