Two Achievements from University of Jinan Won the First Prize in Shandong Science and Technology Award

Jun,02 2017  from:News Center

On May 22nd, science and technology award conference of Shandong province was held in Jinan. The provincial Party committee secretary Liu Jiayi and governor Gong Zheng attended the meeting, and awarded for delegates who win the Shandong provincial science and technology award of the year 2016. Du Bin, vice president of University of Jinan attended the meeting. Yu Jinghua, Professor of chemistry and chemical engineering University of Jinan presided over the completion of the "paper chip structure and photoelectric properties of regulation based on microfluidic sensing mechanism of basic research and achievements won the Shandong Province Natural Science Prize; College of mechanical engineering professor Wang Shouren presided over the completion of the" metal surface shot blasting treatment technology and equipment "achievements in Shandong Province won the first prize of scientific and technological progress.

The project "Fundamental Research and Sensing Mechanism of Paper Microfluidic Based on Structure Regulation and Photoelectric Performance of Paper Chips" were innovative results achieved by Prof. Jinghua Yu and her group on paper chip. Tremendous efforts have been devoted to develop more advanced paper-based analytical technologies by such group. Up to date, quantitative analysis was realized on microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (PADs) innovatively; a novel concept of ultrasensitive detection was presented by addressing the signal transformation problem on paper chip; the growth approaches and structure control of nanomaterial on PAD were successfully proposed; multi-functional analytical system was constructed; all these progress greatly accelerated the rapid development of on-site analysis. Since 2011, approximately 200 SCI cited papers have been successfully published on Nature Chemical Biology, Advanced Functional Materials, Biomaterials, and so on. In which 12 papers were selected as ESI highly cited papers, and one was selected as Hot Paper.

More than 100 paper has been published on journal with impact factor higher than 5. The total SCI citations reached more than 4000 times. The H-index of Prof. Jinghua Yu has reached 36.14 papers on paper chip has been invited to be published as front or back cover on journal with impact factor higher than 5. The research results have been reported as Research Highlight or News by Lab on a Chip, ChemistryViews of WILEY-VCH, and Chemical & Engineering News of the American Chemical Society. More than 20 patents have been authorized for invention patents in China. Prof. Jinghua Yu was awarded as one of the top 1% of authors, highly cited in the Royal Society of Chemistry journals in 2014.

Professor Wang Shouren from the College of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Jinan, Shandong Kai Tai Group, and Shandong University are proud to announce the completion of their Research and Development Programme:"Technology and Equipment for Metal Surface Shot Blasting and Peening"The Research and Development Programme investigated complete solutions for the shot blasting and peening of steel frames with special characteristics, complex structures, and large sized work pieces. The research focused upon the surface treatment of these steel structures, identified the key technologies, and developed a series of shot blasting and peening processes and equipment solutions.

The Research and Development Programme identified many new innovative technologies relating to the key processes involved in shot blasting and peening, and has been granted numerous intellectual property rights and patents. The technology identified has been adopted internationally and implemented at an advanced level. The findings of the Research and Development Programme are widely used in industries such as: offshore oil & gas drilling platforms, shipyards, train locomotives, mechanical engineering industries. The increased revenue attributable to the research and development programme is in excess of 126 million yuan which has clear social and economic benefits.

According to the Shandong Provincial People's government "on the 2016 annual Shandong provincial science and Technology Award", the province's total selected the highest award of science and technology of Shandong province 1; selected the Shandong Province Natural Science Award 11, of which 2 first prize; the selection of Shandong Province Technological Invention Award 12, which won first prize 5; selection of Shandong provincial science and technology progress award 112, first prize 18; selection of Shandong Province International Scientific Cooperation Award 3. University of Jinan has won 6 scientific awards including the first prize of Shandong natural science and the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Shandong province.