Professor Johann Plank of Technical University of Munich visited University of Jinan and was Appointed as Guest Professor

Jun,06 2017  from:News Center

On May 29, Professor of Johann Plank, University of Munich, Germany came to Shandong Provincial building materials preparation and testing technology key laboratory in our school for academic exchanges and talked about project cooperation. Professor Cheng Xin, party secretary of the school, awarded Professor Plank a guest professor of Jinan University, and the teachers and graduate students from key laboratory participated in this event.

Prof. Cheng Xin and Professor Plank reviewed the exchange and cooperation between the two sides last year.Professor Plank gave a lecture entitled "New progress in cement-based materials" for teachers and students, focusing on the new trends in the development of cement-based materials from the perspective of chemical admixtures, nanomaterials, 3D printing technology and zero gravity cement.Professor Cheng Xin, teachers and students from key laboratory and Professor Plank had a lively discussion. Professor Plank put forward his own views on the new trends in the development of cement-based materials, helping the majority of teachers in the laboratory and students benefit greatly.

After the meeting, Professor Plank and the key laboratory cement-based piezoelectric composite materials team on the cement-based materials to carried out a deep discussion focusing on energy storage research projects, pin down the form of cooperation between the two sides as well as researchers and students exchange research form, and plan the writing and submission of the next cooperation application and further promote the planning since the two sides of the issue of cooperation. After the seminar, Prof. Plank visited the key laboratory of building materials with great interest and gave full affirmation to the positioning and development of the laboratory.

Professor Plank is Professor of Chemical Building Materials and Chairman of the Faculty of Building Chemistry at the Munich Institute of Technology. He is also a part-time professor of the Department of Architectural Engineering and Surveying and Mapping at the Munich University of Technology. He is the Chairman of the GDCh Chemical Building Materials Group. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the German Museum of Germany, Honorary position. At present, Professor Plank undertakes a number of research tasks, the main areas of work including inorganic cementitious materials, cement chemistry, silicate, aluminate, phosphate, gypsum, organic binder emulsion dispersant, epoxy , Polyurethanes, chemical building materials additives polycondensation resin, polycarboxylate water reducing agent, cellulose ether, silicone, eco-polymer, gel chemistry, interface and surface chemistry, potential and nano-chemistry, nanomaterials, composites Wait.